Kazakh Girl

A young Kazakh girl snuggles against her grandparents while she tentatively lets me photograph her "up close". These wonderful people saw me walk by their house in Olgii, Mongolia. They waved me over and invited me in. Tea, candy, biscuits and cheese were served. We managed to completely enjoy each other's company without the aid of a common language for over and hour before saying our goodbyes.

Richard, A Free Range Man

He was walking towards me with a “found” walking stick on old abandoned highway 395 South of Bishop, CA. The highway was closed in the 1950’s and is not blocked off by CA Water and Power. You can still drive on the rutted and pot holed old road for miles. It turns out this was one of “our” all-time favorite camping spots. Richard hated to pay for camping too. After chatting for a bit in front of my truck I asked him if he would like to sit down, chat some more and have a cold drink and maybe a little tequila as well. Said he didn’t drink much anymore but sat right down and started to drink the tequila in one of my marbled Bakelite cups. I don’t think he’d ever had a fine sipping tequila. Tur

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