The "Crack" is a large narrow canyon formed while lava flows cooled thousands of years ago in a still remote part of Eastern Oregon. This formation located in the "Crack" is one of the rarer smooth and flowing lava creations found at this location.

A young Kazakh girl snuggles against her grandparents while she tentatively lets me photograph her "up close". These wonderful people saw me walk by their house in Olgii, Mongolia. They waved me over and invited me in. Tea, candy, biscuits and cheese were served. We ma...

He was walking towards me with a “found” walking stick on old abandoned highway 395 South of Bishop, CA. The highway was closed in the 1950’s and is not blocked off by CA Water and Power. You can still drive on the rutted and pot holed old road for miles. It turns out...

 A very rainy, slippery and soulful day alone in the SE corner of Olympic National Park.

A storm that never materialized over Coffeepot Lake



February 28, 2016

There are many more Kazakh Eagle Hunters in NW Mongolia than in Kazakhstan. I was very fortunate to spend a week in Sagsai, Mongolia in the fall of 2014. I met many magnificent Kazakh people including those that hunt with eagles. I also spent a day hunting fox on horse...

One of the most spectacular vistas in North America. Monument Valley from Muley Point.

There are lots of blue herons in the NW USA where I live. However, they are very skittish. This bird was on top of a pole and I on top of a bluff at almot eye level. It tolerated me being very close for some time. Great interaction with a wild creature.


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